Mina Alabdali
mina-alabdali Hi! My name is Mina, and I’m a second year pre-medical undergraduate student majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. My ultimate passion is to be a successful physician. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to gain a hands on experience in my field and gain a deeper understanding of the scientific knowledge. Working with an active research group will give me the chance to fully participate at the university and engage in the practice of my field. When I’m not in the lab I enjoy going to the beach and taking pictures of the marvelous places around me. I am looking forward to experience my first time research laboratory outside of the classroom.
Selma Baradaran Nakhjavani
Selma Baradaran Nakhjavani My name is Selma Baradaran Nakhjavani. This is going to be my second year here at SDSU. I’m
an undergraduate biology major pursuing a bachelor’s degree. I’ve always wanted to participate in research in the field of biology. This has been always my passion and I have always wanted to research the molecular basis of the mechanisms that occur in the human body. I joined Dr. Sussman’s lab in the summer of 2017 as a volunteer and it is an honor for me to become a member of this lab, gaining experience and learning how to become a researcher. I am confident that my passion and enthusiasm, along with my knowledge of biology can be an asset to the lab and I’m looking forward to learning more and challenging myself.
Claudia Comacchio
Version 2 Hi! My name is Claudia, I’m currently a second-year student majoring in Cellular and Molecular
Biology and I’m from Italy. Projects that improve human health interests me a lot. I joined Dr.
Sussman’s Lab in Fall 2017 and I’m grateful for the opportunity given which will enrich my
knowledge and experience as a scientific researcher and benefit my future career. My first goal is to obtain a master degree. Also, I will probably continue to do research in the biomedical field
and earn a PhD.
Zach Ehrenberg
img_3048_Zach Ehrenberg My name is Zach Ehrenberg and I am a senior mechanical engineer with an emphasis in bioengineering. I am working in Dr. Sussman’s laboratory to gain a deeper understanding of the cardiovascular system while learning research techniques in a world leading cardiac research laboratory. Currently, I am assisting my mentor Megan in her ‘Cardiocluster’ project and learning other cool science and engineering things from the amazing graduate or post-doc students here. Overall, Dr. Sussman’s laboratory has revealed to me how fun research can be and how to tackle difficult biological problems.
Dina Essam
Dina-Essam I am an international student came from Dubai, but originally from Iraq, and a sophomore majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology at SDSU. I very excited of being part of Dr. Sussman’s lab, I joined the lab in the spring of 2016 to have a research experience, since I am a pre-med student and volunteering will give the chance to be involved in researches that will benefit my future goals and career. I became more interested about this lab as it deals with heart based researches that is very important organ in our body system and has effects among other body functions that any pre-medical student should be aware of. Lastly, I hope the experience that I will gain from this lab be a beneficial part of my other future researches that I will be in and especially when I become a physician.
Amin Izadi
20171107_181746 My name is Amin Izadi and I am majoring in biology B.S in SDSU as my premed bachelor. I started working in chemistry lab when I was 14 and then continue it in other fields such as biology lab. My goal of working in lab is to first develop my skills in working at the lab, then learn the basic thing about working at sterile places in order to pursue my dream job which is medicine.
Marielle Limbo
mariellelimbo My name is Marielle Limbo and I am a fourth year undergraduate studying in Microbiology with an emphasis in Clinical Laboratory Science. I joined Dr. Sussman’s lab in the Summer of 2017 in order to gain experience in research as well working together with my colleagues to enhance my knowledge in laboratory procedures. I am thankful to be given this opportunity and hope to expand my growth in the scientific world. Other than being an academic student, I am also a collegiate athlete as a fourth year coxswain and varsity captain for the SDSU Men’s Rowing team.
Alvin Muliono
alvin I am int’l student from Indonesia, originally pursuing for purely Mechanical Engineering. However, when transferred to SDSU, I was placed as a M.E. with Biomechanical Engineering emphasis major. The first semester in SDSU, I took Dr. Feuer’s class, he made aware of the potential of Stem Cell as the future of medicine/ therapy. It creates a spark of deep interest in biology in me.
I volunteered in Dr. Sussman’s lab to learn the techniques and knowledge required to do research in lab. I am grateful to be able to volunteer in the lab since l am learning many things hands-on, at “out of class” setting. In addition, the staffs are very helpful at reinforcing what I had learned in class.
My goal is to work at R&D industry hope to find a way to directly connect neural wire to a man made object (non-organic) and sustain it; by learning neuroscience and the research of stem cell.
May science fiction come true!
Adriana Salazar
adrianajpeg My name is Adriana Salazar and I am a Biology Undergraduate student here at SDSU. I am a first generation student that was born and raised in a small desert town called Lancaster, CA. As college was always a main goal for me, I have had quite the journey that led me towards the medical field. Although my aspirations are aligned to pursue a career in the medical field, I have learned to understand that science is constantly changing. As these changes progress, I find it important to first understand where and how these changes arise. This is why I began volunteering in Dr. Sussman’s research lab. It is a great opportunity to apply skills and techniques learned from class into practice and stay involved in the progressing world of science.
Sharon Sengphanith
Sharon Sengphanith Hi everyone! My name is Sharon and I am a third year Interdisciplinary Studies major with
departments in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology. I joined the lab during the summer of 2017
in hopes of gaining valuable research experience as well as to explore possible career options.
I’m excited to see how much I will learn and where my involvement will take me!
Maya Shaitrit
maya I joined Dr. Sussman’s lab in the Summer of 2016, and am currently an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry. I am an aspiring physician who is volunteering to gain hands on experience while learning useful research techniques in this progressive research environment. I look forward to acquire new knowledge on an accelerated level which I hope to contribute back to the lab overtime. I have recently started learning biological cloning, immunohistochemistry, and westernblots under my mentor, Roberto Alvarez.
Ojeni Touma
unknown-1_Ojeni Touma Hi there, my name is Ojeni Touma, but I go by OJ. I am a 4th year premed Biology student at SDSU. I am also pursuing a degree in Spanish as well as Biology. My goal is to become a surgeon and I am still undecided about whether I will be earning an MD or an MD/PhD in the future. Dr. Sussman’s lab will be my second research experience and I hope to build on what I already know! My family has a long history of cardiac problems so to be able to learn about heart failure and myocardial regeneration via stem cells will be an amazing opportunity to help others like my family. When I’m not studying you can find me with my dog, slack-lining on campus, or longboarding at the beach.