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This is your information page for course Biology 307 at San Diego State University taught by Dr. Mark Sussman. Various resources, weblinks, and other information pertinent to the class will be available on this website.

First test: February 23rd, 2016

Second test: March 24th, 2016

Final Exam: May 12th, 2016 (10:30 am)


Test scores will be available at the SDSU Blackboard website (click on this text to go there now)

Class related information (click on the text to download):

Contact information for Dr. Sussman:

Mark Sussman, Ph.D.
SDSU Heart Institute and Biology Department
Life Sciences North, room 426
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182

fax: (619) 594-2610
        (please type "Bio 307" in the subject of your e-mail)

Tiny URL for this website:

Course description
This is the syllabus of the course explaining the goals, topics to be covered, and my basic policies.

General schedule of classes
Remember, the schedule of classes is a general format - the order and pace can and will undoubtedly be modified throughout the semester depending upon how fast or slow we go in the lectures..

Adding or "crashing" the course: Please see this link here that explains the procedure I use for students wishing to crash the class. I will do my best to add as many students as possiblewithout getting in trouble with SDSU fire safety or seating limitations.

DVDs from the Class lectures and videos:

"The Science of Sex Appeal"

"Anatomy of Sex"

"From Conception to Birth"

"The Mating Game"

"What Females Want and What Males Will Do"

"Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation"

Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice



"The Human Sexes" Videos by Desmond Morris (extra credit questions on tests are based on these):The videos are posted here, so click on the links below to play or download (Apple iPod Video MPEG-4 Movie format). The videos are large files and depending upon your internet connection speed may take a few minutes to download so BE PATIENT!!! FYI, each one is about 250 MB in size.

Part 1 "Different But Equal"
Part 2 "The Language of the Sexes"
Part 3 "Patterns of Love"
Part 4 "Passages of Life"
Part 5 "The Maternal Dilemma"
Part 6 "The Gender Wars"



Websites of interest:


Desmond Morris information page

Tim Birkhead home page

Richard Dawkins home page

Websites related to classroom lecture topics:

Is love in our DNA?
 (related to Lecture #2 on "Why is Sex Important?")

The advantage of sex
(related to Lecture #2 on "The Red Queen")

"Superheroes of Sex" (from the History Channel starring SDSU's own Professor Sussman
(related to Lecture #20: Sperm, Ejaculates, and Ova)

Web Article Links (not necessarily the views of the webmaster or SDSU, but some provocative food for thought):

Basics of animal reproduction

Sex lives of insects

Sex for Memes' sake

Evolutionary oddities: duck sex organ, lizard tongue

Cockerels dole out sperm with precision

Sexual reproduction and high mutation rates

Fluorescent feathers give parrots added allure

"Sexually antagonistic" bugs evolve new weapons

How Sex Works

Images and videos:

  1. Jumping spider mating with sound (47 MB - broadband download ONLY)!
  2. Prairie chicken lek with sound (64 MB - broadband download ONLY)!
  3. Rat mating pack with sound(16 MB)
  4. Rhino beetles (9 MB)

Research journal articles (pdf format for downloading):

  1. Cuckoldry and sexual selection
  2. Sexual conflict
  3. Bean weevil - battle of the sexes
  4. Polyandrous females
  5. Sex increases speed of evolution
  6. Role of glans penis in coitus
  7. Evolution of genitalia (and separate news article)
  8. Brain as a sexual organ
  9. Why the Y chromosome?