Joshua Hare, MD

Dr. Hare is the Louis Lemberg Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute (ISCI) at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Dr. Hare is an expert in cardiovascular medicine and specializes in heart failure, myocardial infarction, inflammatory diseases of the heart, and heart transplantation. Dr. Hare is one of the world’s pioneers in stem cell therapy for heart attack and heart failure, and currently sees patients from throughout the world for evaluation for this new experimental therapy.

At the Miller School of Medicine, Dr. Hare is the founding director of the Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, an Institute devoted to the new field of regenerative medicine. The Institute houses more than 30 independent research groups devoted to basic scientific and translational work in the field of stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Dr. Hare conducted a first-in-man study of allogeneic bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to treat patients with heart damage due to myocardial infarction, and has pioneered the use of a new catheter to deliver stem cells to the heart. Dr. Hare’s work is supported by the National Institutes of Health. Under Dr. Hare’s leadership, ISCI has active programs in regenerative medicine devoted to applying this new field to treat patients with cancer, heart disease, neonatal complications, skin diseases, bone diseases. In addition, ISCI has a program devoted to the ethics of stem cell therapy.

Before joining the University of Miami, Dr. Hare was Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Cardiac Transplant and Heart Failure program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He received his medical degree from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1988. He subsequently served an internship, residency and fellowship in Internal Medicine at The Johns Hopkins Hospital (1991) followed by a fellowship in Cardiovascular Medicine at The Brigham and Women's Hospital (1994). While at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Hare had an extensive track-record of translational research, performing studies the areas of congestive heart failure and diseases of heart muscle. He has published over 175 original research articles, editorials, review articles, and book chapters and is the recipient of five grants from the National Institutes of Health. He has directed multiple clinical trials, including an international Phase II/III study of oxypurinol, a new drug for heart failure, as well at a multicenter Phase I study of MSCs for heart attack patients. At Hopkins, Dr. Hare was also an investigator in the Donald W. Reynold’s Center for Translational Research and directed the Cardiovascular section of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Cell Engineering (ICE), where he spearheaded the application of new stem-cell based therapies to patients with diseases of the heart.

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