Carolina Esquer

Carolina should write about her time spent vaping with mice!

My name is Carolina Esquer and I am an undergrad working as a research assistant. I am in charge of Dr. Sussman’s mouse colony, primary cell culture, and coordinating the volunteer program we have in the laboratory. I am interested in learning new techniques and helping the graduate students in the lab with their ongoing projects. It’s an exciting time to be in science and I look forward to being part of Dr. Sussman’s team.

Fareheh Firouzi

Fareheh needs to update this because she is a doctoral student now!

I graduated with Masters in Cell and Developmental Biology in 2012. I joined Dr. Sussman’s Laboratory as a volunteer starting in May 2014. I am planning to start my PhD in the fall of 2015. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work in this lab with amazing projects and wonderful people. The knowledge and experience I am gaining in the lab will help me better understand this exciting field of study and choose the best direction toward continuing my education.

Oscar Echeagaray
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Grant Shain
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Clarissa Savko

Clarissa needs to update this because she is a Masters grad student now!

I’m Clarissa Savko, a second year Biology major at SDSU. I joined Dr. Sussman’s lab as a volunteer in the Fall of 2017 in efforts to further develop my passion for science by becoming involved in a hands-on research environment. It has been an amazing opportunity to begin understanding all of the work and cooperation that goes into scientific research. Aside from my time spent being a Biology major, I also play clarinet in the Wind Symphony and Symphony Orchestra here at SDSU.

Natalie Gude
Profile photo of Natalie Gude Natalie Gude is an assistant research professor/lab manager in the Sussman group. Her current research investigates cardiac c-Kit cell biology using transgenic reporter mouse models.